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Quiz Features Explanation

The same test features available to you on the day of your exam are now available on BoardVitals. These features accurately simulate the same experience you'll have in the testing center.

- Highlight key passages of the question

- Strikeout answer choices to eliminate distractors

- Mark a question to come back to it later

- Make a note for yourself for a specific question

                IMG_1312   ToolKit-1

How to Strikeout Answers:

To strikeout an answer during your quiz, select the option to the right of each answer to remove the choice from your options. 


How to Mark a Question:

Marking a question allows you to review a question after the quiz, notated by a flag. To mark a question, select the center Toolkit icon Click MARK. To unmark, simply press the same icon again.


How to Make a Note: To make a note for yourself on a specific question, select the center ToolKit iconSelect the Notes feature. From here, you can enter the text. Press Close to return to the quiz. Your note will be automatically saved.


How to Highlight:

If there is a keyword, sentence, or any text you wish to highlight within the question, simply hold down your finger on the specific word until Highlight appears. Select highlight, and the word(s) will be highlighted.


Other Features: 

Additional quiz features include a Tutorial, which provides step-by-step directions on how to Highlight, Stikethrough, Using the Question List, and how to locate and use the ToolKit Other features include a Calculator, Lab Values, Share a Question, and the ability to submit question Feedback.