How does your CME program work?

BoardVitals offers an easy way to earn CME credits. All credits are AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM.

CME credits are accumulated by the number of unique questions you answer. This number is determined by the overall number of questions within the question bank, but on average it takes about 20 - 25 questions to earn 1 CME hour/1 MOC point. Once you have redeemed the maximum number of CME/MOC credit available in a question bank, you cannot earn any more CME/MOC credit from that bank.

Credits are calculated as questions are answered and you receive a passing percentage. The required percentage to pass is determined by each individual board. Please refer to the course description.

Completed credits are submitted to our accreditors (UNMC and IPMA) for documentation. Please keep the email enclosing your certificate in the event that you need to provide justification of your hours.

MOC Credit: Courses that are eligible for MOC with ABIM, ABA, and ABP will be submitted to PARS within 60 days of completion. PARS is the national data repository. Preventive Medicine MOC credit hours will be submitted to the ABPM board within 60 days of completion.

All other CME credits (non-MOC) must be self-reported. Members of the ABIM will submit their earned hours on the ABIM’s website, as stated on their certificate. For other boards, please consult each specific board’s website for reporting instructions.

Steps to Redeem Earned Credit:

  1. Answer questions with the required passing percentage (percentage is course-specific)
  2. Under CME tab, click “redeem” button
  3. Fill out the form and evaluation completely, and submit
  4. Printable PDF certificate will be generated with the number of completed hours
  5. Certificate will be emailed to address provided
  6. Credit hours will be sent to the ACCME Accreditation Body
  7. MOC hours will be submitted within 60 days of completion
  8. Non-MOC hours (CME only) are self-reported. Members of the ABIM must log into their website to submit the number of hours stated on the certificate. For other boards, follow the instructions on each board's website.