How do I schedule an exam to be sent to students?

You can schedule an exam to be sent to students at a later date by following these steps:

  1. When logged into your administrator or instructor account, click on the Send Exam tab. Click the New Exam Template button to create a new exam.
  2. Select the question bank you would like to generate an exam from, then click Next.
  3. Fill in the exam name field which will be seen you but not by students taking the exam.
  4. Enter the number of questions you would like to appear on the exam. Then choose if you’d like questions to appear randomly or for higher rated questions to appear first.
  5. When you have finished choosing exam questions, click Send Exam with Template.
  6. Fill in an assignment name for your students to see, then select if you would like to place a time limit on the exam. Fill in the number of seconds you would like each question to appear for.
  7. You can now use the Scheduler feature located to the right of the screen. Select Send Now if you would like the exam to be sent immediately. Otherwise, select Send Later and choose the date and time you want your students to receive their exam. Setting an End Date allows you to control when the exam will no longer be available to the recipients. Otherwise, you can keep the default setting of No End Date. When you are finished, click Next to continue.


Now, you can send the exam to your students. Select the students’ email addresses from the list of registered users or add them manually by typing their email address into the Selected Recipients box.

When you are ready, click Review Assignment. This will be your final opportunity to review the content of the exam. If everything looks right, click Send Assignment to distribute the exam to your students.