I've purchased a question bank. How do I purchase the CME add-on?

If you are interested in redeeming CME hours/MOC credits that you have earned through your previously purchased question banks.

You can do so by selecting the My CME/CE tab, located on the top of the page via your Dashboard.

From here, find the question bank you are interested in purchasing a CME Add-On to. Select the Upgrade option. This will automatically add the item to your cart.

Once the purchase has been processed, return to the My CME/CE tab again. 

Your question bank should now appear under "In Progress."

Upon submitting the form, we will send your verified CME hours and/or MOC points to the ACCME Accreditation Body. You will be emailed a printable PDF certificate stating the number of hours and/or MOC points that you have earned.

If you need additional copies of your CME certificate, you can always find it on the My CME/CE page of your account.